Freddie Mercury back to Life

This evening I was browsing and definitely I wanted to find something that I have never seen before, something rare. I looked for Freddie Mercury video recordings and found quite a few gread videos. But one was especially amazing.

I wonder what the audience saw in real life, but if it looked like it does on video – the technology is great and I want to go to the concert like this. I can’t find any more info than what was written on YouTube – it is some german tv program using some new technology…

London Honeymoon Day 3 & 4 Pictures Posted

Finally, I was able to finish processing RAW files from Day 3 & 4 our our honeymoon.

  • On the third day we were on the “Evan Evans Tour” around the City of London. As part of the tour we saw Westminster Abbey, Change of the Guards, cruised Thames River and tried to have a glimpse on the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. Right after we headed to walk on Piccadilly.

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  • On Tuesday, May 30, 2006, the fourth day of our stay in London early in the morning we decided to check out the Waterloo train station and check availability of Tickets to Paris, as it was getting boring in London and some “fresh” French air was required. Unfortunately the Eurostar tickets were not cheap at all and booking in advance was required. Hence we scrapped the idea of visiting Paris and moved on to see Freddie Mercury’s house at Logan Place. Walking distance away was a Kensington Palace, the ex-residence of the Princess of Wales – Diana. I skipped the pleasure of enjoying Diana’s dresses but enjoyed all the creatures living in the park nearby. Swans, crows, squirrels and pigeons are all there and all very friendly. We ended the day by walking a trail around Notting Hill with all amazing colorful houses.

Working late hours to catch-up with photo processing

It is late at night. I’ve just finished processing pictures from the last few photo sessions and some are already in the gallery. It terrifies me to realize that I currently have 44.8Gb of photos. What’s more 33.1Gb is from this year alone. Yes, wedding have contributed a lot to this, but still we are only in August. RAW format that my Canon Digital Rebel XT is creating requires approximately 8Mb per picture and in addition to that to make any picture easily viewable Jpeg should be created. Because of all of this some changes will be coming to the Photo Gallery.

First, all the albums where the number of pictures is too large for a person to see without getting bored (more then 100) will be split in two: Best and Rest. Some of the “Rest” albums I will not make even public. Some I will, depending on what’s inside and how good these leftovers are.

Secondly, I will start tracking which albums don’t get any attention at all and will be hiding them from the public eye. Hence, it is very important if you like the picture to rate it via a simple one-click operation. Just click on the number of stars you believe a picture deserves and your vote will be counted-in.

Third, after the transition to WordPress+Gallery integrated website, I will be regenerating all resized images from current 800×600 to 760×760 pixels, you will notice that resized vertical images will become more visible and 800×600 pictures will fit nicely inside WordPress.

First Blog Post Ever.

Everything has a beginning. This post is beginning of my career as a blogger. If you read this, at least it means that I didn’t waste my time creating this website. Over time I will try to make this website a bit more personal. I still don’t know what it will mean, but I hope that your input (comments) will inspire me to make it interesting and enjoyable.
Thank you for visiting and have fun.