Don’t buy Bosch Washers and NEVER EVER use Southern Atlantic Service

I remember while in university there were selling a t-shirt which read “Friend don’t let friend go to York”… it was a bit ridiculous, but funny. This time around I’m seriously recommending to avoid Bosch washers at any cost and NEVER EVER call for service “Southern Atlantic Service” located 3300 Steeles Ave West in Concord, Ontario. Why? When we got our new beautiful house I had a mistake of listening to the sales person in the appliance store and buying a Bosch Nexxt Inspiration washer and dryer. The reason being that they should be the best and quietest if you have laundry upstairs. Once installed and loaded with real clothes for the first time, I started to regret the purchase – the machine was vibrating like crazy and everything in the house resonated to the vibration of the washer. It was so bad that a couple of minutes and I had a strong headache. I came to the store and asked for the phone of the service center. It happened to be Southern Atlantic Service center. After being announced that they only work 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday (which meant me or my wife had to stay at home), they agreed to come next day, but only next day or not to come in the next few weeks. So my wife had stayed at home waiting for the technician to come. The guy came next day and announced that everything is fine and that’s how Bosch washer works after spinning empty drum for a few seconds. My wife suggested to put some stuff inside, but he declined the offer, letting her know that if it is broken it should not work in empty as well. He also declined to verify that it is properly leveled, since it was not his job to do this. But he did suggest ordering the rubber legs from Bosch, thankfully free of charge since we still had a short 1-year Bosch warranty. Time went by and our house was slowly getting destroyed by this crazy washer, but finally the rubber legs arrived two months later. The same lazy freak from the service center appeared and installed the legs, but this time my wife pre-loaded washer with some clothes. Machine got “a bit” quieter, but still vibrated insanely. Once again he told that everything is fine and that’s how Bosch washers work and if we want we can re-enforce the floor on the second floor. He left. The washer is still vibrating and we are forced to use the slowest spin cycle every time, which leaves all the stuff inside completely wet and takes hours to dry. I visited the store again and there should be someone calling me next week. Next week I plan to grab a camcorder somewhere, record the Bosch house-destroying washing machine and upload the video to YouTube for everyone to see. For now you can enjoy the view of my laundry after every washing cycle.
Before the cycle the machines are aligned directly in parallel to each other. After the spinning cycle the machine can be anywhere in the laundry, each time is different, showing how unpredictable our dancing queen is.

All in all, I wish I have bought LG or Samsung washer made by hard working Koreans and not “proudly made in the United States Of America”. Bosch Washers are crap!

Social Networking Paradox

I’m noticing a slow but constant change in my opinion about social networking sites. Four years ago on the dawn of blogging, I thought about it as an absurd thing to do since if everybody will be writing something, even once a week. When will we have any time to read it all? Now I’m blogging and I don’t care if nobody reading it. I do it for my own satisfaction. A year or two ago I have join the first professional networking site LinkedIn and created a full profile, today I’m getting some invitations or job offers regularly only through this only website. What’s more I actually like to share all that information there, since if people don’t know about me – they will never find it or read it. However, one of my friends might find it interesting that I have say changed job or found somebody else whom he/she knows as well. LinkedIn not only helps to find new connections but also discover common friends or colleagues. This Saturday (July 14, 2007) I have joined another interesting network, a Russian website letting classmates find each other – Odnoklassniki. Almost immediately I have found a lot of the people whom I didn’t see in years and was even more pleased to see their pictures. Realizing that I like to see their pictures, I have posted mine, with the similar idea in my mind – may be one of them will also be interested to see them. So now to the issue a lot of people talk about when dealing with social networks – privacy. To be honest I think a lot of people just think of themselves being to important. I don’t think anybody, who does not know you, will go and look at it at all and even if somebody did – then good for them. Most probably they will not remember your face in 10seconds.
All in all, social networks are great – they let people stay in some sort of contact that otherwise would have been completely impossible. By the way, I also joined Facebook, the site I was avoiding for quite some time – what can I say – very nice website.

Back to processing photos from 2006

It has been a long while since I traveled to Chicago, USA. It took me almost a year to return to the last unprocessed set of RAW images from that trip. Finally, I have spent some time yesterday at night and whole today playing with the images. Most of the time was definitely spent on creating those huge panorama shots at the end of the album.


I’ve heard some critique from my friend that my photos tend to be on a softer side, closer to the original colors and not as vivid as one would want to. I’ve tried to fix this and most of the photos have much more contrast then I usually was creating in the past (I was using this nice little feature of Bibble ProPerfectly Clear). So you are the judge – go see the photos and rate those that you like.


Now once Chicago is finally over, I will return to even later set of images – images from my honeymoon in London in May-June 2006. Three days are still untouched and should arrive soon (I hope).

CN Tower is finally lit

Ever since I came to Canada in 1997 I was wondering why there were no nice lighting for the CN Tower. Up until the blackout of 2003, the top part had some lighting which at least gave it some nice touch and was pleasing for the eye. Something like on this photo:
However, after the blackout the tower got black, until recently. On June 23, 2007 after our company’s Cruise on lake Ontario, I noticed something stunning. At that time it was just a test, but still it was amazing. Finally, on June 29th, 2007 the official ceremony took place unveiling the new feature of Toronto – LED Lit CN Tower.

Today, I found one of the videos on You Tube showing the magic.

Search You Tube for more videos, but this one seems the best. Finally, I can see CN Tower (my favorite building in Toronto) from here in Woodbridge.