London Honeymoon Day 7 Photos

Finally, I got back to finishing London Honeymoon photos that I have taken last year. This time I decided to process pictures from June 2nd, 2006 when we have visited the magnificent Windsor Castle and rode the London Eye. At the end we said goodbye to London late at night by taking night-time pictures.

70283 70463 70409
70472 70421 70276

What’s more I have simultaneously posted pictures on my Flickr gallery. Apparently thanks to being a Rogers Hi-Speed subscriber (at least I can now somewhat justify the price) I get a full Professional membership with Flickr and therefore unlimited space, resolutions and uploads. All this is totally fantastic since Flickr is the best photographer’s community website.

Fortunately or unfortunately I still have two days of worth of UK pictures which total to about 500 files.

Discovering new music

When you think you already can’t find anything to listen to – amazing happens. Last night I have re-discovered Meiko Kaji. Why re-discovered? Because I heard her so many times already on the soundtrack for Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2. But I have finally got the full “Best Of” album “Zenkyoku Shu”. I don’t know Japanese, but her songs are heart touching and very melodic. A very strong voice that flies on top of the music. Most of the songs are from different Japanese motion films, so the full orchestra makes listening even more enjoyable. Definitely recommended and yet again something very hard to find legally in North America.

SCO goes down into history

Today is a very happy day for all of us, Linux advocates, developers and users. US Court has ruled that Novell owns the IP (intellectual property) rights for Unix. What’s more because of the licensing deals SCO owes Novell more money then it currently has. Groklaw has followed the story for all these years and today was not an exception. It is very unfortunate that our Canadian bank (RBC) one day invested into SCO believing they would have it all from the case with Novell and IBM. This case has put doubt into the minds of many IT/Software managers who decided not to pursue Linux option because of “What If?” and has wasted a lot of opportunities. Hopefully, this would open a new chapter for Linux in corporate world. More here.