Good bye Smiths Detection, Welcome IMAX

After three years and eleven months working for one of the jewels of Canadian industry, I have left Smiths Detection a week and a half ago. Just a bit of holidays in Barbados and I’m back to work. Two days ago I have started with another globally known Canadian company – IMAX. I’m again involved with heavenly Linux development. Smiths Detection was my first permanent position after university and have given me a good foundation to continue with my career. The product I was involved the most – IONSCAN 500DT has recently passed some major TSA tests and will have a great road ahead replacing the good old workhorse – IONSCAN 400B. So if you see one of those gray & blue babies in the airport – know I was involved with software/firmware development and be scared if you have touched any drugs or explosives recently. :)

Now instead of working on equipment that sends shivers down your spine, I will work on making your amazed with some BIG eXPerience!

Have Fun.