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My home phone number starting today it has changed. I don’t want to publish it right here on publicly accessible blog, but if you e-mail me, I will immediately let you know.

So what did happen? Since 2004 I was a happy customer of FCI Broadband (Futureway Communications) a GTA’s local communications company. Last June I’ve got a happy letter from Rogers telling me that FCI Broadband is no more, they have bought it. But they claimed that I shall not worry – nothing is changing. Though I knew that “nothing is changing” is not for long, Rogers, like any other monopoly closes competing businesses fast, so that they do not compete with their main offerings. Fast forward to January 15th, 2008 and I got a letter from Rogers this time telling me that I have to switch to their “uber-cool” Rogers Home Phone (basically VoIP phone over cable) and I have to do it within next month or my phone is no more. I knew that this was the time to say “Good Bye” to Rogers. Now I have a VoIP phone from All features, free unlimited local calling, etc all for 9.95 + GST (no PST as they are in BC) (and you can transfer your existing phone number if it is in the area of their land-line switch – mine was not).

Voice quality seems to be fine, but now I have flexibility to call from anywhere, where there is a free WiFi using my Nokia N800 and its build-in SIP phone (I’ve tried and it works like charm).

Abandon monopolistic Bell and Rogers, switch to VoIP, there are a few choices in Canada. (they are my current VoIP provider) (they have an ugly website, but I’ve read they are quite good) (very cheap and very popular in GTA) (international, biggest Skype competitor, but Skype does not offer SkypeIn in Canada, otherwise they would have been my choice) (a friend of mine is there, like it a lot, but it costs twice as

You can also order VoIP from Bell or Rogers, but then you will have to pay same old $40+ CDN + Taxes)

Btw, for GTA is routed through so it might be the same quality as other providers that use this network.

One more thing.

Right now you can get a FREE 416 VoIP number for Life from only about 300 out of 5000 numbers are left. I’ve got mine, they have a Java based Soft Phone and you need to use computer to call, but hey it is FREE!

4 thoughts on “New Home Phone Number”

  1. sucks! i would go with another company. Stephan is the owner is the support is crap. Not sure what the good is.I would never recommend them. they are a 1 man band and not jack about asterisks.

    Beware-> the company has very back support service if using your own equipment.

    Give it time they will go out of business.

  2. I don’t know who posted the last comment but I beleive they are lying on purpose. Unlimitel has some of the best service around. Stephan in particular is always helpful. They are definitely not going out of business.

  3. Actually, I’m an unlimitel customer, they do have frequent outages. Not every month but probably every year they are doing during business hours for a few hours. My business’ toll-free number has been down all afternoon. I submitted a ticket early afternoon when I thought it was funny that we hadn’t got any calls in an hour (after trying the line with my cell phone). I got a message back about a Bell problem blah blah, should be fixed now. Wasn’t. Emailed back. They’re re-open a ticket. That was around 4:30. It’s 8pm, guess Stephan went home or something.

    Would a real phone company (one that is more than a one man show as the previous poster pointed out) not have some kind of redundancy? How about a 24-hour NOC of some kind that gives a reasonable kind of turnaround. This is supposed to be business grade service— it’s certainly priced that way.

    We will be porting out soon, goodbye Unlimitel.

  4. I was going to sign up with unlimitel, now I do not know.
    I tried signing up with explornet for VOIP, waited four or five days and gave up. I signed up with which in turn billed me over $26.00 under the name I received links that do not work, a phone number and no password. could not get VOIP service and I was referred to their online support.
    I am still trying to get my refund as they could not provide the service.
    Somehow a company with two different names and portals
    is making it difficult to track my money and get a refund. They charged for the and provided nothing.
    It is frustrating

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