Tomorrow, March 31, 2008 from 8 to 9 PM my blog will be shut

It is just a small statement to support Earth Hour. It is my statement to let governments and people governed by them know that we need to start “thinking Green”. We need to stop waisting our natural resources and use best available technologies to generate our energy. But on a personal level we can also help by recycling, using power efficient products, encourage producers of currently more expensive “green” products by buying only “green”.

Blogs like mine don’t help to solve the problem, they actually make it more acute. Unfortunately, it is a pleasure to have some services available at all times and it is difficult to part from them. But at least we can switch off devices that are not used. For example, even if power supply is just plugged to a power outlet, most probably in this idle mode it sucks a watt or two while the device is completely shut. Even a power supply of your computer can be made more efficient, you just have to ask your supplier of choice be it Dell or Apple. You can use efficient CPUs, like the 45W AMD Athlon 64 X2 or upcoming Intel Atom. You can recycle your old CRT screen and get a small power efficient LCD, or even better buy a lightweight portable laptop and use it as your only computer.

Show them we want to be “Green”.

OpenOffice 2.4 is available

Great news, according to this overview 2.4 will be contain some nice evolutionary improvements. In fact, 2.4 is already available on all major mirrors. My favorite Canadian mirror at University of Sherbrooke already hosts it for almost instant download. Unfortunately it does not look like Ubuntu 8.04 will have it bundled, the last Alpha 6 I’ve tried had 2.3.1…

Waiting for 3.0 for OSX (Native)… Give it to me, give it to me….

VPC-CG9 – New cool MPEG4/AVC (H264) camcorder from Sanyo

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find out that Sanyo has announced a new camcorder – VPC-CG9.
The cool thing about this device is that it should cost only $279.99 MSRP, meaning places like Amazon will probably get it in low $200. Will be desperately waiting for reviews with samples to check that they are playable on my Playstation 3. If they are – the device is definitely on my “Wish List” 🙂 Even though HD camcorders are already all around they are still quite costly and adequate storage is too expensive, though the best two HD camcorders, in my own opinion, Canon Vixia HF10 and Panasonic HDC-SD9 are getting down in street price monthly.

P.S. The link to the camcorder though still unpublished by Sanyo was easy to figure out since just had to find out what was the latest product and add one more to the index.

AMD Athlon X2 4850e – The Mistery CPU

It has been almost three weeks as AMD has announced the new chipset – 780G and a new power efficient CPU – X2 4850e. Motherboards are available for a couple of weeks already and are quite cheap. I’ve put my eye on this combo as my new server rig (with ASUS M3A78-EMH motherboard that features 6 SATA2 ports – feature that should be standard these days, but it is not). 4850e should be approximately as fast as 4800+ but only at 45W. Great? Isn’t it? But the CPU is nowhere to be found. Is this a paper launch again? Too frustrating…

All I want is a power efficient rig to run Ubuntu 8.04 Server LTS.

April 6, 2008 Update: What a disaster. I want to get AMD CPU first time in a VERY VERY long time and I can’t do it ANYWHERE on the internet one month after it has been announced. I totally miss the point of announcing it at all… It seems Dell is using it already in its business line, but nowhere else. If only there was any Intel based 6 SATA port motherboard I would have dumped AMD idea altogether. Then AMD complains that it can’t occupy its fabs enough… Now I know: it is because CPUs are not available at all, nobody can buy them to require any manufacturing at all. If only there was a cheap G33 based 6 SATA port motherboard except the expensive Supermicro board…..

New Playstation 3 Firmware – version 2.17

Today my Sony Playstation 3 told me that an updated is available. The funny part, not a single RSS feed I’m tracking is reporting anything and Firmware itself did not inform me of any new features. A bit of Googling and it appeared that it is just a bug-fix release.

Where is my updated for Blu-Ray Profile 2.0? Where is my improved DivX support? What about other MP4 formats? Just joking – so far PS3 was one of the most impressive purchases I’ve ever made. And delivered more features then I could have ever wished. Slideshow in 1080p alone justifies the cost of the system (in Portrait mode with Face Detection and majestic panning). Thank you Sony, but keep updating it – I love fresh stuff 🙂

Snowfall like no other…

Wow, what a snowstorm and it is still not over.

Time after time I was cleaning my driveway, just to get it all freshly covered just a couple of hours later. I like the snow, but what would happen when all of it will decide to melt later next week? I’ve seen earlier this year in nearby Kleinburg.


After that I’m horrified of what to expect after THAT MUCH snow. It was so bad that GTA on Saturday had almost 800 car accidents and that’s considering that most people stayed at home! It is still a blizzard outside, with all the snow slowing down by 3am tomorrow. For now prepare for another Bushism – early March time switching ahead that will steal one hour from my sleep for the next little while and will waste a little bit more of my electricity since I’m waking up quite early and will have to light up my house instead of enjoying spring sunshine.

For now a few of the pictures I’ve taken earlier in the day (with more to come tomorrow 🙂 ).

20080308-122025Snow outside

20080308-121922Backyard door and my BBQ all covered

20080308-121720Backyard through the mosquito net

The full set of pictures will be uploaded to my Flickr account.

Python squeezes SUN

Sun was recently very active in making smart choices in selecting open source project to hire developers from or open-source companies to buy (MySQL, Innotek’s VirtualBox) and finally adding the best scripting language to its toolbox – Python. Hiring to prominent Python developers will hopefully make Python a first choice scripting language for different Sun supported products. It seems we will not have to wait for too long to get descent Python support in Sun’s amazing Netbeans IDE and who knows may be one day we can get support for the best web framework – Django.