Nicaragua Trip

Our first excursion during Costa Rica vacation was to go abroad. We went to Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a poor country that has to buy its energy from Costa Rica, a big friend of Venezuela and has two old colonial towns: Granada and León. León unfortunately is way far north, so we did not go there, but we did go to Granada. However, before exploring human history we went to see natural one – Masaya Volcano.


Masaya Volcano is active, where by active I mean it still breathes. Sulfur dioxide fumes are coming out non-stop right from the depth of the crater. To see it in all its beauty you have to climb 107 steps that will lead you to the cross.


There at the top fumes are quite noticeable and some people feel they need to urgently run down, but I felt quite fine..

The second stop was a small town of Masaya. Otherwise boring place is famous by having a big souvenirs market, where people in blue attack you by offering their service to lead you to lowest price shop… we have escaped them and bought all the stuff we wanted at bargain prices.


Granada city was the last stop of the trip. A home style lunch at one of the hotels was followed by a forty minute carriage ride with frequent stops to see most interesting sights.


Right from the start of our trip we have asked to stay in Granada City longer than required by the schedule (thanks for the tip Irina and Dan) and after the carriage ride we walked quiet streets surrounding the main square.


Soon thereafter we were back on the bus heading into unknown – drive back to Costa Rica with lazy Costa Rican customs officers on our way. But just before we left we had a chance to see real WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction).


You can see the rest of the pictures from the trip on my Nicaragua Flickr Set. More photos from our Costa Rica vacations are coming shortly. It took a me whole week to process these photos and a bit of hacking of Gpisync that I use to geotag my photos to allow saving Unicode names.

The Pinnacle of Evolution

Yes, we are having a baby – Baby Boy!

Until today we were waiting for the confirmation of the successful initialization of a new thread in our family line. Now that we know, we want to share the news with everyone.

It took a bit of precise planning and we now believe that he will be born at the beginning of May 2009. Our beautiful boy will be our best third anniversary gift to each other. My wife and me are eagerly waiting for him to take a breath of fresh spring air into his tiny lungs and start enjoying his life from day one.

Back from Costa Rica vacation

What an amazing time away from the hectic life of the city.

Blue sky, parrots on the trees, monkeys on the branches, coati and different lizards on the ground – all this in Costa Rica right in front of our room. Did I mention all that fish in the Pacific Pond? We are finally back from this amazing trip, though not without a small hick-up of Skyservice plane first being delayed and then flight being canceled all together due to a bird getting into the engine.

All in all just one day later we are at home. I will need to sort through tons of e-mails I’ve got during the last months (even though vacation was only 15 days a week or so before preparations for the trip took over my normal computer oriented life) and will start answering them, so please have patience and your e-mail will get my attention.

I will slowly start processing my RAW CR2 files and posting them on Flickr (I will post an update once some are there). Unfortunately Bibble 5 is not yet release, what a long wait of almost two years.