Electronic Rust Protection?

Finally we bought a beautiful new 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5S. I’m not a big car reviewer, but if anyone even considers buying Camry – they MUST test drive Altima on the same day right after they test drive Camry.
You will understand that Camry is a couch for elderly with a steering wheel. Anyway, today I’m here not to write a review – I have a question. With only one car garage it means one of my beloved cars will stand outside in the awful weather offered by Southern Ontario. For the four years I had X-Trail I did not want to protect it with something like Krown spray or similar – what a mess. I find this solution way too antique. For the longest time I was looking, but delaying installation of an Electronic module that would protect my car all around.
Google search being my right hand tool uncovered a few choices that I can find in Canada, though I’m still looking for the actual place that will install them.

One is Final Coat with a Canadian office located in the neck of the woods – in Concord.

Another device is sold at Canadian TireCounterAct.

The third is a device I would have to order online, but which has some limited “trust level” is RustStop. Low trust level is mostly due to this informative article.

Unfortunately, I can’t find real independent source of information, like Consumer Reports that independently tested these “gadgets”… so I’m asking you – my dear visitor to contribute your thoughts. I really want to know which one is better? Did I miss one that is worth checking out?

4 thoughts on “Electronic Rust Protection?”

  1. Most modern cars go through a treatment that effectively makes them rust proof for about 7-10 years. The rust proofing offered by various dealers and companies is largely a gimmick, designed to make a quick buck, sorta like the extended warranty you can by at most electronics shops.

    You’d be much better off doing frequent washes for 8-10 bux a pop during winter, probably not going to cost more then $100 per season and achieve the same results. After 7-10 years, rust proofing may make sense, if you’ve not moved to a new car already.

  2. Yo! I do have a small affiliation with Rust Protection as I did a related website many years ago. From memory, it’s all very sound and there is strong scientific evidence to suggest it considerably reduces the effect of rusting.

    Nissan’s are fine as long as you sell them before they start to fall apart. I own two toyotas and they just keep going and going and going…

  3. Well, actually i have a 2001 mkalibu with the cm2000 on it. I dont know if anyone can find me another malibu from 2001 without rust. But i have one. I have done some researcch myself, i am in the corrosion industry, After taking my car in for reapirs at my dealer even they were amazed at the fact that my car looks like it did when i left the lot, not a bit of rust. I had spoken to a rep from final coat, and they put me in touch with one of their sientists at their research facillity. I dont know if Digart is a physicist, or a chemist, or what scientific background he has, but the proof is in the pudding. After speaking with their lead scientist I think you should ddo your due dilligence before speaking. Again I work in the corrosion industry with gas and oil lines. and im a beleiver.

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