Who programs Adobe products?

In my previous Twitter postings I’ve voiced my support for Steve Job and his open letter about Adobe (before Macromedia) Flash. I was mildly happy to see Microsoft joining the camp (though they have a hidden agenda of getting rid of Flash and pushing Silverlight). But today I have to start questioning another Adobe product – Acrobat Reader. Just a few days ago I’ve installed my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate on my PC and installed the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat reader (it was on Friday, I think). Today, on Monday, I see a balloon saying that an update is available. I happily click, agreeing to get up to speed with Adobe fixing holes in their cheesy software. It takes a few minutes to decompress (this is on Core 2 Quad 3.86Ghz) and it installs. What do I see next?

A prompt to reboot my computer!

WHAT? Just a small file viewer now requires me to reboot my computer? Starting that point on I’m beginning to question quality of Adobe software engineers and if they are capable of writing any remotely good piece of code. Just amazing how this company is still able to produce Photoshop and Illustrator. Time to find alternative to Acrobat Reader on Windows real soon: on my Linux I’m already happily using the great Okular and on my Mac I’m using Preview.

Returning back to my blog

It has been more than a year since I wrote my last post on this blog. My son is almost one year old and it should explain why I mostly ignored it. Pretty much no time. My comments system got spammed quite heavily and I have around 1100 comments most (if not all) of which are spam. I will have to figure out how to add CAPTCHA to my comments system. For now, I figure it out, I will disable all commenting on this site. In general changes in WordPress are pretty overwhelming from the time I started using it.

I was pretty active on Twitter recently, mostly due to the fact that it is easy to write 140 characters. I will see if I can bring my Twitter feed to this site, anyway I plan to spend some time tweaking my blog to my liking.