Facebook recommendations as a snapshot of population ignorance

This post is really funny, start laughing now.
Facebook recommendations are a great way to show how stupid people are. I’m “fan” of the ban of the high fructose corn syrup group. Once in a while Facebook shows related “recommended pages” telling me that members of that group also like “N.P.R.”. Did not catch the drift yet? People are clueless and don’t pay attention that Monsanto is a major “supporter” of N.P.R. So people who bring you high fructose corn syrop (well, actually the corn seeds manufacturer, the same company that supplied Napalm to US army during vietnam war) is now supporting your public radio. Funny, ha? And then those who are against HFCS return to listening to Monsanto propaganda. (Some would claim that those are N.P.R. affiliates that run the commercials, but it does not matter as clean, positive content that is never mentioning HFCS and GM food in a bad light, attracts lucrative commercial support).