Poor state of tech journalism in Canada

Today have read this poorly researched and clearly misleading article:
What’s Clogging Up the Pipes. I’ve posted a comment on their website, but it seems to me went directly to /dev/null. So since it is pretty long, I’m repeating on my blog.

This article made me laugh so hard… especially the part about BOINC and SETI@HOME. HA-HA-HA. Again no research made on the part of the journalist or may be just another “press worker” paid by RoBeLus (Rogers-Bell-Telus) mafia cartel. Both projects barely use any traffic at all. What they do use a lot is CPU/GPU cycles. It takes hours (or days on slower machine) to compute a single work unit.

Also let me bring you some news to you, tech writer. MPEG4 is not latest greatest, at least not in the last 5 years. H264/AVC is the latest greatest codec that most video streaming services use (however it is can be referred as MPEG4 part 10, but nobody does, as usually MPEG4 is associated with MPEG4 part 2, old stuff that almost nobody is using like DivX and XVID).

Another hole in the argument is that adaptive H264 streams do not full up all the bandwidth available. The statement is incorrect as well: server just keeps a fixed number of bitrates pre-encoded say 500Kbps, 1500kbps and 4000kbps (each at different resolution). So the max usage is 4000kbps, it will never go and fill your 10Mbps uplink.

Nice try lady, next time try to write about topic you might know a little bit or may be just specify who paid for the article, if you don’t want your reputation destroyed.