Qt 4.5 by Nokia will be under LGPL

The happiest news of this year so far is the announcement by Nokia today that the upcoming version of Qt 4.5, my favourite C++ cross-platform toolkit will be release under LGPL!

What does it mean? It means that all of a sudden you can create commercial application using this toolkit without the need to pay for each developer’s tools licence. The price was quite high and in current economics conditions hard to justify by many managers (most of them don’t really care about increased productivity when Qt is used). Now a software developer’s recommendation to use Qt as a foundation for new application might go further along. This is a fantastic news that will result in many beautiful cross-platform applications further down the road.

Remember, as long as you use dynamic linking to Qt – it is free for you! (Which is not a huge limitation).
Qt 4.5 will be available for:
– Linux/X11
– Linux/Framebuffer
– Apple OS X
– Microsoft Windows
– Microsoft Windows CE
– Symbian S60 OS
(probably others like VXworks which were never widely publicized).

But the best part is that you don’t need to develop in C++ if you are not able or unwilling to do so. Qt has bindings for many languages:
– Java (official Nokia bindings called Jambi)
Python (PyQt)
– Ruby
(probably others like Perl, but who cares about Perl 😉 ? )

The other thought is that it might finally force GTK+ toolkit to compete a bit and introduce new features more frequently than once every 10 years….

Update: There is also the FAQ on licensing.

Nokia is buying Trolltech

I think this is one of the greatest news of 2008: Nokia is buying Trolltech! Not only will it let Qt through some previously closed corporate doors, but also will introduce Qt and Qtopia to many more people on many more devices. Finally people will not be afraid that toolkit may belly-up one day.

What’s more I’m hoping that the next Internet Tablet OS will be based around QTopia 4.x which is much more appropriate then XServer + GTK.

Way to go for my favourite C++ GUI Toolkit and amazing Jambi. Now I wish Trolltech will acquire Riverbank Computing and make Python’s PyQt API bindings official and bundled by default. May be I’m dreaming….