Nokia is buying Trolltech

I think this is one of the greatest news of 2008: Nokia is buying Trolltech! Not only will it let Qt through some previously closed corporate doors, but also will introduce Qt and Qtopia to many more people on many more devices. Finally people will not be afraid that toolkit may belly-up one day.

What’s more I’m hoping that the next Internet Tablet OS will be based around QTopia 4.x which is much more appropriate then XServer + GTK.

Way to go for my favourite C++ GUI Toolkit and amazing Jambi. Now I wish Trolltech will acquire Riverbank Computing and make Python’s PyQt API bindings official and bundled by default. May be I’m dreaming….

Netbeans 6.0 Final released

I think some of you know that I really really like Netbeans as a Java IDE, today 1 hour ago the final release of Netbeans 6.0 happened. I think it is quite an amazing release, definitely best ever Netbeans.

Whether you like it depends a lot on whether you want to have out of the box great experience or you like to install 600 different plugins and setup servers and configurations infinitely… it comes with Glassfish 2 application server, Tomcat 6, all latest and greatest Java specs, supports future Java 7, two way UML design, crap like Ruby if you are into fetish stuff (they should have better supported Jython and DJango/TurboGears), C/C++ development (I have not tried it yet, but it is on my to-do list as it is basically what was previously known as Sun C/C++ Studio, so it should be good), and you can easily write programs for your Java MIDP 2.0 phone. Can’t be better, right?

Oh, and the most important, I forgot to mention is the UI designer and new Java Application Framework (JSR 296) for “easy” DB driven Swing application development using latest Java 6 persistence framework. This stuff I’ve tried and LOVE.

Go get it while it is hot. Always free Netbeans 6.0.