Best Flickr photo Uploader for Gnome/Linux

I was struggling to find an application that would be as simple as Flickr native Uploadr but would provide me with an option to change permissions before pictures are uploaded. Finally I’ve found Ross Burton‘s Postr – GNOME Flickr Uploader.

Ubuntu 8.04 already comes with package called “postr“, however it is a very outdated version 0.9 from more then a year ago and did not have the features I wanted. Current version is 12.2 and it has a much improved feature set. It definitely belongs to Ubuntu backports, but as always with Ubuntu you will have to wait until the next stable release Ubuntu 8.10 (codename Intrepid Ibex).

For now you will unfortunately have to install it manually from console

tar zxvf postr-0.12.2.tar.gz
cd postr-0.12.2/
sudo python install

A bonus is that this program is written in my favorite Python.

Another reason for Django

I do not remember advocating here for use of Django before, so “Another” in the subject is my own mental point in the unordered list. This reason is the proper appreciation of web standards by the Django.

What’s more, there is a new book on Django is on the way to the bookstores, and one more is coming very soon. But don’t forget the classics which is also beautifully free.

All this makes me want to create the first functional Django site ASAP…

Python squeezes SUN

Sun was recently very active in making smart choices in selecting open source project to hire developers from or open-source companies to buy (MySQL, Innotek’s VirtualBox) and finally adding the best scripting language to its toolbox – Python. Hiring to prominent Python developers will hopefully make Python a first choice scripting language for different Sun supported products. It seems we will not have to wait for too long to get descent Python support in Sun’s amazing Netbeans IDE and who knows may be one day we can get support for the best web framework – Django.